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Posted: January 16, 2016 
Subject: Welcome to our New Blog!
Hello to all those interested.  
There is much misinformation and slandering being spread by many PGP Blackberry resellers. As PGP falls into disrepute some are attempting to reinvent themselves with new product lines, selling the same old snake oil. This blog is an attempt to set the record straight and provide much needed information to those users who want to really understand security issues. We won't baffle you with tech-speak, misinformation or plain made up technology. For the last two years, we have responded to many inquiries or missives sent by various persons and organizations.  It amazed us how many were factually incorrect or just outright lies. Educating users, one at a time, through face to face meetings, email responses, secure IM chats or PGP messages does not scale well. This is an attempt to get information out to the user community at large whose lives and livelihood depend on secure communications. Any questions about any of this content can be directed to our contact page. Hope you enjoy....

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