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Posted: December 13, 2017

Subject: Samsung Knox compromise video and blacklisted domains



NOTICE: Due to the extreme seriousness of this demonstrable flaw in Samsung Knox security, we at EncroChat have taken all measures to protect our subscribers from potentially compromising themselves by communicating with users on the Samsung Knox platform. EncroChat does not post anonymous fake videos and hide behind false personas spreading lies and rumors about competitors. Our organization stands behind this video and we post it on our corporate website. We have for years been educating people that security is only as good as its weakest link and have achieved much success in the marketplace by adherence to this standard. This is only the beginning of our forensic examination of products that profess to be secure, but are found to be sorely lacking. While we are sorry for the lack of notice, the security of our subscribers is paramount and we cannot in good conscience jeopardize them by allowing ongoing communications with known compromised systems. This currently includes all Ciphr, Phantom, and Myntex domains. The full list of blocked domains communicating with our network with PGP is as follows:

Ciphr Domains Phantom Domains Myntex Domains
  • armouredsecure.es
  • ciphrmail.io
  • cryptobit.es
  • eliteguard.tk
  • elitesecure.net
  • epi.money
  • hypercore.es
  • privatesector.es
  • scrypt.biz
  • silentrecall.es
  • virtualedge.es
  • x88.es
  • bamboolock.tv
  • born2beking.com
  • cripticol.com
  • crypto55.com
  • cryptosport.cc
  • dragonchannel.net
  • encryptroid.com
  • iamsecure.org
  • keylockcipher.com
  • keystore.tv
  • mipalabralaley.cc
  • pagerlock.com
  • phantomchannel.tv
  • phantomsecure.com
  • phantomsecure.tv
  • rulesofengagement.cc
  • safemobile.tv
  • safetalk.mobi
  • textofuerza.com
  • totalsecure.tv
  • ultrasecure.co
  • vipexec.com
  • viplock.cc
  • virtustar.cc
  • zipherstream.com
  • 4096bit.co
  • bbsafe.co
  • chatmail.ch
  • empirepgp.com
  • encryptedswiss.co
  • guardkey.net
  • hiddenpgp.com
  • hushberry.ch
  • hushberry.co
  • inviseable.net
  • pgp.lu
  • pgpcrypto.co
  • pgpdeluxe.com
  • pgpsecret.com
  • safeplaza.net
  • secretpgp.com
  • secureberry.co
  • supercrypto.co
  • supercrypto.com
  • superlocktight.co
  • ultimatepgp.co
  • unbreakablepgp.co
  • unknownpgp.com
  • untraceable.co
  • xcryptor.co
  • yogyak.co

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