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September 5, 2016 - OTA (Over-The-Air) release to update XM series device to XM118 

Release Notes

New or Improved EncroChat Features
  • New Startup Wizard for users. Subscribers no longer have option to minimize this feature upon initial startup.
  • New local language support added to startup wizard.
  • Removed some unnecessary options in settings.
  • Updated to latest Android security patch level.
  • Fixed SIM issue where a SIM swap from a different cellular carrier would not work properly.
  • Fixed MAC address changer.
  • Fixed a rare condition where system user interface (UI) would become unstable and restart (phone does not reboot but startup animation displays).


August 02, 2016 - New EncroChat Secure IM Client ver 6.1.9

Release Notes

New or Improved Features
  • New EncroChat Push infrastructure
    • Summary: After a year of planning, coding and testing, EncroChat secure chat messages are now pushed to the user as soon as they are received by the messaging service. The sender initiates the data transfer rather than the recipient. Our former infrastructure was based on the more standard, but inefficient, pull model where receipients would constantly request any new information be sent.
    • EncroChat has deployed numerous distributed server endpoints globally. Our push infrastructure is designed to be more resistant to network interruptions and attacks (i.e. Distributed Denial of Service - DDOS).  Subscribers will have a noticeably more stable connection worldwide.
    • These new push server endpoints contain no metadata or key information of subscribers. All metadata (i.e. contact roster) and keys for subscribers are negotiated by and contained within their own EncroChat subscriber device. Note: EncroChat subscriber devices have always directly negotiated their own keys with one another and never copied any of this information to servers. What we want to make clear here is the push servers contain zero useful data to third parties and have no single point of failure. So issues like the recent Ennetcom PGP server takedown by government authorities cannot happen to us as the servers are distributed and not a treasure trove of information. Most of our competitors still insist on keeping private keys of all their subscribers, copies of many of their encrypted messages, and large chunks of metadata like contact lists and even notes on their servers.
  • Encrypted Camera function
    • Due to popular demand of many of our subscribers, EncroChat now has picture messaging capabilities. (Note: your phone has to have an installed physical back camera). Balancing security with need for this functionality, we have succeeded with the following caveats:
      • Optional installed function by subscriber through request to their reseller to enable.
      • Cannot permanently save sent or received pictures.  All pictures have a burn time up to a maximum of nine days.
      • Cannot forward pictures.
      • Does not show a thumbnail (preview) in a chat.  Must click on it to preview for enhanced privacy.
      • A displayed picture does not disclose any details of user account while being previewed.
      • You can override burn time and delete pictures whenever you wish.
      • All pictures are temporarily stored in the encrypted EncroChat database within an encrypted partition, not as flat files in a directory.
  • Roster storage
    • Client contact roster for EncroChat must now be backed up on EncroNotes. If a subscriber device is lost, stolen, or wiped the only way to get your EncroChat contact roster back is to backup this information on EncroNotes.
  • Increased Performance and Battery life improvements
    • Fixed several issues which contributed to "keyboard lag" during conversations.
    • Fixed several issues which caused "Application not responding" in large chat conversations. 


July 31, 2016 - OTA (Over-The-Air) release to update XM series device to XM111 

Release Notes

New or Improved EncroChat Features
  • Tri-state switch (located on left hand side of device) is now functional. For instance, top position mutes notifications.
  • Updated to latest Android security patch level.
  • Modified OS to support optional camera feature.


April 6, 2016 - OTA (Over-The-Air) release to update XM series device to XM109 

Release Notes

New or Improved EncroChat Features
  • Secure Delete - Improved scrubbing of deleted data in the encrypted partition.
  • Randomize Wi-Fi MAC address every reboot.
  • Randomize device hostname every reboot.
  • Fixed manual network selection issue.
  • Fixed mobile network name resolution.
  • Improved mobile signal stability.
  • Improved theming consistency.
  • Fixed Wallpaper cropping.


February 21, 2016 - New EncroChat Client Device and OS Released

Release Notes


EncroChat proudly releases our new flagship product on our customized secure OS (XM103) based on Android "M". Responding to user feedback, we have released a device with a slightly smaller screen at 5.0 inches (versus 5.5 inches of our previous model). We have also added numerous security enhancements and features to this release (which will be backported to our supported versions with Over-The-Air capability).  

New or Improved EncroChat Features
  • Random keylag issue with EncroChat user interrface resolved.
  • Active timeout setting added: locks device after specified minutes. Prevents adversaries from acquiring a device and keeping it from locking.
  • Inactive shutdown added: powers off the device if it has not been screen unlocked for 24 hours. Prevents adversaries from acquiring a device and keeping it powered on forever.
  • Enforce 15 character disk encryption passphrase.
  • Enforce 6 character minimum screen lock password.
  • Combined lockscreen and security settings under Settings/Security
  • Required to enter lockscreen password to access Settings/Security.
  • Disk encryption password and lockscreen password wipe after 20 incorrect attempts.
  • Show password is default off.  The option is located under Settings/Security.
  • Added build number to Settings/About Phone for troubleshooting.
Hardware Technical Specifications
  • Type:  AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
  • Size:    5.0 inches 
  • Resolution:    1080 x 1920 pixels (~441 ppi pixel density)
  • Protection:    Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • Chipset:    Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
  • CPU:    Quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400
  • GPU:    Adreno 330
Android (6.0) "M" Release Specifications
  • Power saving optimization to improve battery life.
  • Keystore has been significantly enhanced in Android 6.0 with the addition of symmetric cryptographic primitives, AES and HMAC, and the addition of an access control system for hardware-backed keys. 
  • OpenSSL replaced by BoringSSL.
  • Stricter validation of .APKs.
  • Improved control over application permissions.

December 31, 2015 - New Release of EncroChat OS

Release Notes - EncroChat OS - Version OL115

New Features
  • Dual Operating System (OS). EncroChat subscribers can now launch either a standard Android OS or the EncroChat platform.  These are two distinctive Operating Systems packaged with each subscriber device.
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) update service.  Enhancements, patches, and new features for the EncroChat platform can be securely added directly to the Android Operating system of a subscriber device. No need to return to the reseller to upgrade subscriber unit to latest release of EncroChat platform.
  • Field factory restore. A user can now securely wipe subscriber device and rebuild it in the field.
  • Language packs. Added eight additional language packs to EncroChat Setup Wizard.
  • Additional sounds.  There is a new sound pack for notifications and ring tones.
  • Stability fixes
  • Battery life greatly extended
  • Auto encrypt subscriber data partition on first boot
  • Remove proximity wake up
  • Remove unnecessary widgets
  • Update Android sources to 2015-12-10
  • Trim settings section

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